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2019 Ford Ranger XL chassis cab spied complete with window sticker

Monday  21:26,   16 july 2018

Ford seems to be aiming for the commercial market with Ranger.The truck is in bare-bones XL trim. This is evident by the black plastic bumper, grille, and plain silver steel wheels. The whole body looks just like what you could get on a regular[...]

That Self-Driving 1965 Ford Mustang Self-Drove Into A Wall

Monday  20:06,   16 july 2018

Siemens worked out a way for autonomous car to suck even more fun out of driving by developing a self-driving system that could be fitted to classic cars, like the 1965 Ford Mustang it ran at the Goodwood Hillclimb today. It’s too bad for them that [...]

Roborace race car proves it's possible to go up Goodwood hill autonomously

Monday  20:06,   16 july 2018

It made it up during practice and on the day of the eventThe car was first designed for a fully autonomous racing series that is still planned for the future. The company did both a practice run up the hill, shown above, and ran the car during the[...]

McLaren to launch 18 new cars, go 100 percent hybrid by 2025

Monday  17:42,   16 july 2018

It's a more fleshed-out version of the plan McLaren introduced in 2016.McLaren has adjusted its Track22 plan to stretch out to 2025. Now called Track25 (fitting), the automaker claims its sports car and supercar lineups will be 100 percent[...]

Why BMW is going electric-car racing

Monday  17:41,   16 july 2018

Formula E has become the racing focus of several mainstream automakersFor those of us weaned on the wail of Ferrari and Matra V-12s in Formula 1, the scream of four-cam Fords in Indy cars and the thunder of big-block Chevys in Can-Am, the whine of[...]

Toyota Supra Prototype's Moving Debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Monday  17:38,   16 july 2018

The Toyota Supra has made its public debut today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. While the prototype is still camo-clad, it's the first time the public has seen the car on the move.The GR Supra Racing prototype was our first real look at the[...]

Lotus Exige Special Editions Pay Tribute To Classic Racing Cars

Friday  20:42,   13 july 2018

The Type 49 and 79 Exige celebration models harken back to the good old days. Lotus has unveiled two special edition Exige models at the Goodwood Festival of Speed intended to pay tribute to some of its classic racing cars. The Exige Type 49 and 79 [...]

Mclaren P1 GT By Lanzante Revealed At Goodwood, Looks Sensational

Friday  20:41,   13 july 2018

Lanzante creates a longtail P1 GT by grafting a revised body on a P1 GTR. After lots of teasing, Lanzante has finally unveiled its McLaren P1 GT conversion at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Based on a P1 GTR, the firm sculpts longtail bodywork that [...]

Founder’s Reserve: Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Edition Celebrates 100 Years

Friday  18:01,   13 july 2018

2019 Bentley Mulsanne Founders Limited EditionHaving worked on aero engines during the First World War, we suspect W.O. would be somewhat perturbed to discover that Bentley is now in the hands of a German automaker. And, having seemed to be[...]

The Aston Martin V8 Cygnet is the world’s craziest hot hatch

Friday  18:00,   13 july 2018

As if Aston Martin wasn’t on enough of a roll these days, it has seen fit to take the hot hatch game to a new level by crowbarring a Vantage V8 into a Cygnet The post The Aston Martin V8 Cygnet is the world’s craziest hot hatch appeared first on[...]

Noble Reveals New Entry-Level M500 With 550 HP

Friday  17:59,   13 july 2018

A fullsize mockup of the car was revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Noble has revealed its brand new entry-level model at t This Week's Circulars require(["c.deferred"], function () { require({ js:[...]

Uber scales back self-driving operations, lays off 100 employees

Friday  17:59,   13 july 2018

In the wake of a fatal crash back in March, Uber continues to wind back its self-driving operations, laying off 100 employees in Pittsburgh and San Francisco.According to the report, Uber held a meeting on July 11 announcing to around 100 safety[...]

Ontario Unplugs EV and Home Charging Incentives

Friday  17:59,   13 july 2018

The Ontario Electric Vehicle Incentive Program gave new car buyers in that province the biggest financial incentives to buy electric in the country, and among the largest in the world . That program has now been cancelled.The announcement from the[...]

Jaguar mobile app addresses EV range anxiety in real time

Thursday  21:16,   12 july 2018

Go I-Pace app predicts how an EV would behave during current vehicle useThe company has developed a mobile app that predicts how an electric vehicle would behave during your current vehicle[...]

Cadillac Keeps Testing The Refreshed XT5 In Europe

Thursday  21:16,   12 july 2018

Getting ready for a debut early next year. For some unknown reasons, Cadillac is still testing the revised XT5 in Europe. This new batch of spy shots comes from sunny Spain, where the American manufacturer is performing hot climate testing for its[...]