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The One Food the Royal Family Can’t Eat While Traveling

Sunday  12:01,   20 may 2018

The One Food the Royal Family Can’t Eat While TravelingAlthough seafood is delicious, there tends to be a higher chance for food poisoning or sickness from seafood. Since the royal family is lined up for thousands of engagements throughout the year, [...]

These One-Bowl Coconut Macaroons Have a Secret Ingredient Your Inner Child Will Love

Sunday  12:01,   20 may 2018

These One-Bowl Coconut Macaroons Have a Secret Ingredient Your Inner Child Will LoveThe Vintage Baker gives us a new excuse to use cornflakes in dessert, and we’re not mad about[...]

These Tangy Ketchup-And-Ginger Ale Meatballs Will Have You Coming Back For More

Saturday  10:56,   19 may 2018

50 years on, the classic Jewish recipes from Second Helpings, Please! are still simple, fun and full of nostalgia.The Book: [...]

How to Make a Perfect Roast Chicken, According to the Royal Family's Former Personal Chef

Saturday  10:56,   19 may 2018

How to Make a Perfect Roast Chicken, According to the Royal Family's Former Personal ChefEasy enough, right? Patting the outside dry ensures the skin has a chance to react to the heat and develop a golden-brown, crispy exterior. And because[...]

Common Meal-Planning Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Friday  19:30,   18 may 2018

Meal planning: It’s being touted by every food-related platform as the single greatest way to simplify life in kitchen, but if you’re feeling kinda iffy about the whole concept, you’re probably not the only one. And we totally get it. At first,[...]

Homeless man sues Burger King over that time he spent three months in jail for no damn reason

Friday  19:29,   18 may 2018

Oh look, it’s today’s reminder that corporations that do good things can also be supremely awful. An Associated Press report details a lawsuit being brought against Burger King, one of their franchisees, and a cashier at that franchise by Emory[...]

This Free Ingredient Makes Almost Every Baked Good Better

Friday  19:29,   18 may 2018

You've probably got some in your fridge and don't even know it.See the[...]

Yes, You Can Re-Grow Celery From Scraps. Here's How.

Friday  10:37,   18 may 2018

Use this simple and kid-friendly guide to grow your own celery at home.It’s hard not to use celery when you’re cooking. From bringing the crunch to Sloppy Joes and chicken salad or holding together “ants on a log,” it seems to be a supporting[...]

The Best Ways To Cook 8 Common Cuts Of Steak

Friday  10:37,   18 may 2018

Don’t know your strip loin from your sirloin? Read on to become a pro at the butcher counter.A good steak is like a little black dress: timeless, and appropriate no matter the season or occasion. But since steak is generally a more expensive meat,[...]

The First Thing Khloé Kardashian Ate After Birth

Thursday  19:22,   17 may 2018

Hint: It came from a drive-thru.In a recent post on her app, Kardashian opened up about the expectations-versus-reality of her post-labor eats. "I love how I said the first thing I was going to have after labor was a smoothie and what I actually ate [...]

Toronto restaurant takes coffee cup recycling into their own hands

Thursday  19:21,   17 may 2018

A vegan restaurant with a mission to curb waste is using a private company to do what the city of Toronto won’t: recycle to-go coffee cups.“Everything that we give to the customer, none of it goes to the landfill,” said Eric Chao, owner of Parka[...]

Jennifer Garner Raps About Wine And It's Epic

Thursday  17:33,   17 may 2018

Get this mommy rapper an award.The video begins with the adorable 46-year old actress lip-syncing about all the good parts of being a parent. "Motherhood is a beautiful thing. It fills your heart with joy and makes you wanna sing ..." but then[...]

Your New Favorite Broccoli Is Charred, Crispy & Buttermilk-Brined

Thursday  17:32,   17 may 2018

Your New Favorite Broccoli Is Charred, Crispy & Buttermilk-BrinedBut not in plain salt water. Soak it in buttermilk mixed with the brine from a jar of preserved lemons. (Or if you’re short on brine, blitz a peeled preserved lemon with buttermilk [...]

This Popular Coffee Brand Is Getting Recalled. Is It in Your Pantry?

Thursday  11:51,   17 may 2018

More than 65,000 containers have already been sent back!As Americans weren’t handling enough recalls at the moment (like this egg recall due to a salmonella outbreak or the 35,000+ pounds of recalled ground beef), it seems that another one is[...]